Medical Mistake Lawyers

If you were seriously injured due to a medical mistake...

Medical Malpractice claims are caused by the failure of a healthcare provider to provide a level of care that meets the accepted standards of practice for their profession. The result may be serious injury or the death of a patient. According to a 1999 report by the Institute of Medicine, as many as 98,000 Americans were dying every year because of medical mistakes. Today, the medical community estimates the number of deaths attributed to medical mistakes to be around 200,000. Some of the reasons for deaths from medical mistakes include failure to diagnose, test or investigate symptoms as well as the discharge of patients from hospitals or rehabilitation centers too soon. The cost in terms of disability, medical expenses, lost wages and personal cost of care can be staggering for an individual or family to incur. As patients we place a high level of trust in our healthcare providers. Although we understand the science of medicine is not exact, we expect our healthcare providers to not make avoidable medical mistakes. We expect our healthcare providers to be experienced professionals who understand the risks of incorrect diagnosis, treatment or surgery. Although most healthcare providers live up to our expectations and trust, there are a few whose negligent actions lead to medical mistakes. These providers can be doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, dentists, chiropractors, pharmacists, hospital or any other medical professional involved in the diagnosis or treatment of a patient.

The complexity of medical malpractice litigation demands expertise to review the facts of your case and provide guidance in regards to the necessary actions to take. If you were seriously injured due to a medical mistake, our attorneys may be able to get you compensated for medical expenses (past, present and future), lost wages, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and assistance for future care needs. Call us…..We can help.