Veterans Administration Lawyers

Have you been involved delayed treatment, prescribing the wrong medication, botched surgeries?

We are honored to represent many veterans, and their family members, who have proudly served our nation in the Armed Forces. The Veterans Health Administration is one of the largest health care providers in the United States, providing care to more than 8.6 million of the 22 million veterans through 152 VA hospitals and 817 community-based outpatient clinics which employ more 30,000 men and woman (as of March 30, 2012). Despite a budget of nearly $150 billion, numerous reports have been published recently detailing the severe problems with the medical care veterans have received from the VA. The issues have involved delayed treatment, prescribing the wrong medication, botched surgeries and failing to diagnose illnesses.

The VA has admitted that 23 patients have died because of delayed care in recent years. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reports that in the past ten years the number of medical malpractice claims resulting from VA health care filed each year ranged from 1,225 to 1,670. Since 2001, the VA has spent about $845 million to defend and settle claims. $36.4 million was used to settle claims involving delayed health care. In the ten years after 9/11, the VA paid $200 million to nearly 1,000 families in wrongful death cases. These mistakes are tragic and unacceptable. Our office represents individuals who have been injured by medical malpractice committed health care providers. Please contact us to see if we can help.