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If you are injured on the job, Maryland law provides benefits to help you receive the proper medical care and return back to work. The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission is a state agency that exists to administer claims filed by injured workers. All employers are required by Maryland law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This is no different than the requirement that all drivers to carry motor vehicle insurance.

There are two types of claims: “accidental injuries” and “occupational diseases.” An “accidental injury” is an injury that happens due to a sudden event, like a lifting injury, a twisting injury, a fall, or a motor vehicle collision. In other words, the worker sustains an injury that did not exist immediately before the action that causes the injury. The other type of claim is an “occupational disease”. An “occupational disease” is an injury that develops over time due to the nature of the worker’s job. An example is carpal tunnel syndrome, hearing loss or asbestosis. No one incident causes these diseases. The disease occurred due to repeated exposures.

The benefits available to the injured worker are:

Temporary total disability (TTD) – Generally, employers are not required to pay an injured worker’s wages or salary during the worker’s time off to recover from an injury. TTD is a wage replacement in which the worker receives 2/3 of the worker’s typical gross wages during the time that the doctor authorizes the worker to not work as part of the recovery. Medical benefits – Any medical treatment that is necessary, reasonable and related to the worker’s injury is paid by the employer and its workers’ compensation insurance provider. This includes everything from hospital stays, surgeries, doctor’s office visits, physical therapy appointments, medications, diagnostic tests, and even the worker’s mileage back and forth to medical appointments. Vocational rehabilitation – If the worker sustains an injury serious enough to prevent the worker from returning to the worker’s pre-injury job, then the worker is entitled to vocational rehabilitation services. Vocational rehabilitation is designed to return the worker to a new job that is “suitable gainful employment.” Permanency – If the worker sustains a permanent injury, the worker is compensated for the extent in which the worker was permanently injured.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys have years of experience and will handle all types of claims and will provide consultation on all types of benefits. We can explain the complexities of workers’ compensation law and help you to secure the benefits for which you are entitled. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job call us... We can help.