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Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Unpaid Overtime Jan 04, 2019

tired workerThis Wednesday, former employees at Apex Systems, LLC filed a class action lawsuit against their former employer to pursue unpaid overtime wages. The Law Offices of Peter T. Nicholl is representing these employees and helping them obtain the compensation they deserve.

Apex Systems is a staffing agency that helps clients around the country find possible job candidates. The employees who are filing the lawsuit were technical recruiters. These workers screened job candidates that would get sent to clients.

The lawsuit says technical recruiters' jobs did not meet the criteria for an overtime exemption. For example, the workers did not require special skills and did not have the power to decide on the job candidates that would be presented to clients.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has specific criteria on employees who are exempt from overtime compensation. Unfortunately, employers often misclassify workers as exempt, when their job responsibilities do not fit one of the FLSA exemptions.

The former employees allege they were misclassified as overtime-exempt and were not paid properly for overtime, even though they often worked well over 40 hours per week. Sometimes they logged 50-60 hours or more each week and were not compensated at the rate required under federal overtime laws.

If you are a non-exempt employee, you must be paid at one-and-one-half your rate of regular compensation for overtime hours. This means you should be paid at a rate of $30 per hour for overtime hours if you earn $20 per hour for non-overtime hours.

The lawsuit is being filed on behalf of current and former technical recruiters who were not paid for overtime hours. Any technical recruiters who were denied overtime compensation in the past three years may be able to join the lawsuit.

In addition to the unpaid wages, our firm will also be pursuing liquidated damages, also known as double damages. Liquidated damages are equal to an employee's unpaid wages, doubling the employee's total compensation.

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If you worked as a technical recruiter at Apex Systems and you logged overtime hours, but you were not paid time-and-a-half for it, you may be able to join the Apex Systems class action.

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