Peter T. Nicholl Law Offices Seeks Unpaid Wages, Denied Tips for Bartenders at Power Plant Live!

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Unpaid Overtime Apr 09, 2019

bar with drink glasses on itOn March 27, 2019, our firm filed a Complaint against the entertainment district Power Plant Live!, owned and operated by the Cordish Company (“Defendant”). The Complaint was filed on behalf of bartenders (“Plaintiffs”) who are or were employed at the restaurants and bars at Power Plant Live!.

The Complaint alleges that Defendant’s bartenders were not paid the wages they rightfully earned by denying them the tips they should have received. This was the result of Defendant giving away these tips to its “guest” bartenders, who were not even employees of Defendant. Defendant gave away Plaintiffs’ tips by paying its guest bartender cash “under the table.” As a result, the Complaint alleges that Plaintiffs and Defendant’s other regular bartenders were denied minimum and overtime wages.

The Complaint also alleges that as a result of Defendant’s unlawful practices, Plaintiffs suffered additional harm. The tips that were given to Defendant’s guest bartenders were fraudulently logged on Plaintiffs’ paystubs. Even though Defendant knew that Plaintiffs did not actually receive this money, Defendant continued to over-report the wages it paid to Plaintiffs on their W-2s, in violation of the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”). This caused Plaintiffs to pay more than they should have in taxes. They were also denied certain state-sponsored benefits due to their income being reported to be higher than what it actually was.

Based on these violations, our firm seeks to recover monetary damages and other statutorily-permitted relief for Plaintiffs and all other bartenders who experienced similar harms.

If you worked as a bartender at Power Plant Live! in the past six (6) years, you may have a potential claim. To learn more about this case, please contact us.

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