When Car Crash Victims May Want a Second Opinion About Their Injuries

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Car Accidents Published on September 24, 2021 and updated on January 31, 2024.

doctor and patient talkingSometimes patients disagree with their doctors about their treatment and even the type and severity of their injuries. Even though the doctor may be right, and the patient may be wrong, it can be beneficial to seek a second opinion from another doctor. The other doctor may confirm what the first thinks, and this may give the patient peace of mind that his or her injuries are being handled appropriately.

It is important that injury victims are confident in their doctors and the treatment they are receiving, as this may make victims more likely to stick to the treatment plan. Sticking to the treatment plan may help ensure the victim makes the best recovery possible, which could also strengthen the victim’s claim for compensation.

That said, you may want to discuss getting a second opinion with a licensed attorney, as he or she can advise you on how this may impact your claim.

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Reasons Patients May Want Another Opinion

One of the most common reasons any patient seeks a second opinion is if he or she is unsure about the treatment being recommended by the first doctor. For example, if the first doctor is recommending an invasive or risky surgical procedure, the patient may be seeking reassurance from another doctor about the procedure.

Sometimes the first doctor the patient saw was older, and the patient may feel like this doctor has not kept up with newer, less invasive treatments. It is also possible the patient felt the doctor was rushing through the examination and did not have good bedside manner. This could make it difficult for the patient to trust the doctor’s recommendations and conclusions about the severity of the patient’s injuries.

Every doctor does not have the same training. Even though doctors are required to provide treatment that fits accepted medical standards, they sometimes do not meet this obligation. Some doctors brush off complaints made by patients about increasing pain or the presence of new symptoms. Some doctors decide against further testing to determine what is going on.

New symptoms and/or increasing pain should not be ignored. Your goal should be to make the best recovery possible, with the hope of not having long-term symptoms or injuries. If you think the first doctor could be doing more to treat your injuries, it may be a good idea to get another medical opinion.

Sometimes the first doctor an injury victim sees is young and lacks significant experience. This does not necessarily mean this doctor’s treatment plan is wrong. However, you may want to talk to a more experienced doctor just to be sure the treatment plan is sound.

While you may feel comfortable with your primary care doctor, he or she does not have the expertise to treat severe injuries. Typically, when you see a general practitioner, he or she refers you to specialists or orders tests that can be shared with specialists.

Other reasons to seek a second opinion include:

  • The first doctor telling you your condition is rare or life-threatening
  • You have not been responding to treatment as expected
  • You are unclear about your diagnosis

Choosing Another Doctor

People often choose doctors based on recommendations from family members who have seen the doctor before and had positive experiences. Recommendations from friends can also be useful.

You can also do your own research to determine if a doctor has dealt with injuries like yours. For example, look up online reviews about the doctor and see what other patients have to say about their experience.

If the first doctor lacked experience, find out how long the other doctors you are researching have been practicing. If you think the first doctor may be too old and not up to date on treatment options, try to find the age of the other doctors you are researching.

Could a Second Opinion Impact Your Claim for Compensation?

The insurance company may say you are simply looking for a doctor who will say your injuries are more severe than they are. They may question your credibility. That is why you should discuss seeking a second opinion with your lawyer. That way he or she can be prepared for the insurance company trying to use it against you.

However, if you keep up with your treatment, whether it is the plan approved by the first or second doctor, you will be doing what you can to try to protect the value of your claim.

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