Do I Qualify for Leave from My Job During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Personal Injury Mar 26, 2020

Whether you are caring for a family member or fall ill yourself, Maryland workers may wonder if they will receive any paid leave for time off due to the coronavirus outbreak. Our Maryland employment lawyers at the Law Offices of Peter T. Nicholl explain…

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Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us by Phone, Email with Questions During Coronavirus Crisis

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Firm News Mar 18, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, state and federal courts in Maryland and surrounding states are effectively closed through at least April 3.  In keeping with recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and Maryland health authorities, our law firm has implemented…

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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Lead Poisoning Case?

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Lead Paint Poisoning Mar 17, 2020

Lead exposure often happens due to exterior and interior paint in older homes, but can come from different areas as well, leading to long-term health effects. Pursing a claim can take some time. Below, our Maryland lead paint poisoning attorneys explain…

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Can I Recover Damages If I Was Not Wearing a Seat Belt in a Car Accident?

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Car Accidents Mar 10, 2020

In Maryland, drivers and certain passengers are legally required to wear their seat belts. But what happens if you are injured in a crash while not wearing a seat belt? Learn whether failing to buckle up could affect your ability to recover damages in…

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Personal Injury Claims Involving Minors in Maryland

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Personal Injury Mar 02, 2020

Accident victims must take legal action against at-fault parties within a set time period, known as the Statute of Limitations, if they wish to pursue compensation for their injuries. However, claims involving victims who are minors follow a different…

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What to Avoid Saying After a Car Accident to Protect Your Claim

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Car Accidents Feb 26, 2020

What you say immediately following a car accident may come back to hurt you if you decide to pursue compensation for your injuries. It is important to avoid making costly mistakes during this hectic time to protect your potential claim. The Maryland…

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Can You File a Lawsuit on Behalf of Someone Who is Physically or Mentally Incapacitated?

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Personal Injury Feb 20, 2020

A severe personal injury may result in the victim being mentally or physically incapacitated, unable to pursue compensation for his or her injuries. If that victim is your loved one, you may wonder if someone else is able to pursue legal action on his…

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Things That May Hurt Pursuing Recovery in a Mesothelioma Case

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Mesothelioma & Asbestos Feb 12, 2020

The legal options available to mesothelioma victims and their families depends on the source of asbestos exposure and how the condition has progressed since being diagnosed. In most cases, you may be eligible to seek financial recovery for expenses related…

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Peter T. Nicholl Law Offices Representing Employees of DSV Air & Sea, Inc in Overtime Wage Complaint

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Unpaid Overtime Feb 06, 2020

On February 4, 2020, former employees (“Plaintiffs”) of DSV Air & Sea, Inc (“DSV”) filed a Complaint (Case No.: 2:20-cv-01204, U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey ) against their former employer, alleging violations of the Fair Labor Standard…

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Requirements for Reporting Car Accidents in Maryland

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Car Accidents Feb 05, 2020

After a car accident in Maryland, you may be required to report the incident. Knowing what to do could help save you from facing a penalty for failure to file under the law. Our Maryland car accident attorneys further explain the state’s reporting requirements…

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