Does the Age of a Maryland Injury Victim Affect the Value of a Claim for Compensation?

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Personal Injury Published on October 30, 2023 and updated on November 2, 2023.

woman using calculator at deskMany of us would like to believe age is nothing but a number, but we know it is not true. An individual’s age can tell you a lot about them. For example, children are not going to be engaged in the same activities as retirees.

Age can also affect the value of a personal injury claim. While this is a complex issue, and each case is unique, some people may need more compensation than others based on their age.

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Why the Age of an Injury Victim Matters

There are several reasons why an injured victim’s age may affect the value of his or her claim for compensation, especially if this person suffered a permanent, life-altering injury.

Life Expectancy

When someone suffers a catastrophic injury, he or she likely needs compensation that will last many years into the future. For example, the victim may have ongoing medical costs long after the claim or lawsuit is resolved. There may also be ongoing pain and suffering.

What this means is that the liable insurance company and the victim’s Maryland personal injury lawyer are going to need to project how much compensation the victim may need. The interested parties are going to consider the victim’s life expectancy, among many other factors. For example, life expectancy can impact the value of the victim’s lost earning capacity.

Some Victims Are More Well-Established

As people age, they tend to become more well-established in their careers. They are also more likely to have spouses and children. Their income is likely to increase as well.

What this means is a personal injury can affect more than the victim, as the victim has a family to support and may be unable to work at the same job as before.

However, people who are retired may not need compensation for lost earning capacity. They may also not need compensation to help them provide for a family because their adult children have likely already moved out.

At The Law Offices of Peter T. Nicholl, we are deeply committed to securing full compensation to help victims take care of themselves and their families. We want you to have the compensation you need to move forward with your life, whatever stage of life you are in.

Children Have Much More Time in Front of Them

Children have their whole lives in front of them. Even though they do not have families to support, they may have significant medical expenses, as they may need medical care for several decades.

People in Some Age Groups May be More Likely to Settle Quickly

Unfortunately, many injured victims accept settlements from insurance companies that are far below the true value of the claim. This could be because the victim is less patient. Age can be a factor in the amount of patience someone has. For instance, younger people may be more likely to be impatient compared to older people.

In fact, insurance companies may offer less compensation to a younger victim in hopes that impatience will cause the person to accept. Insurers may be less likely to do this if the person is older.

Insurers May Blame Victims Based on Their Age

Insurance companies have biases, and they are often revealed when injured victims file claims. For example, insurance companies may be more likely to assign fault for a car crash to a younger driver. They may do the same thing for an elderly driver.

Age and the Value of Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering refer to the physical and psychological effects of a personal injury. For example, a back injury can cause significant physical pain.

The victim may also experience emotional problems like depression, especially if he or she can no longer engage in the types of activities he or she once enjoyed. This psychological issue may be magnified if the victim is younger and has many years ahead.

By the same token, emotional distress could be magnified for someone who is in retirement – after working for decades, the victim may not be able to enjoy retirement the way he or she planned.

The value of emotional pain and suffering may vary based on the lifestyle of the victim. For example, if the victim was very physically active before the injury and the injury prevents this. This can be emotionally devastating because their physical activity was likely wrapped up with their sense of identity.

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Age is just one of many factors that may affect the value of a personal injury claim. Given the complexity of this issue, victims need an experienced lawyer to help them determine all the damages they suffered and their value. You cannot rely on the insurance company to offer the compensation you need. They are notorious for downplaying injuries and underpaying claims.

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