Why Insurance Companies Usually Benefit from Delays in the Legal Process

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Car Accidents Published on July 14, 2022

man on phone with frustrated lookWhen car crash victims feel like the insurance company is delaying the legal process, it is probably not their imagination. Car insurance companies routinely try to delay the legal process because it may benefit them.

There are many tactics insurance companies may employ to try to delay the legal process. Our experienced attorneys also discuss why delays typically benefit the insurance company.

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How Car Insurance Companies Could Delay the Process

There are many ways car insurance companies could delay the legal process. For example, they may take an unreasonably long time to respond to your phone calls or emails. Other delay tactics may include:

  • Taking an unreasonably long time to investigate a crash
  • Taking an unreasonably long time to respond to a claim/demand letter
  • Misrepresenting an insurance policy or aspects of a case, making the process more contentious
  • Asking you to fill out an unreasonable number of documents and claiming they have not received the completed documents when you emailed or faxed them
  • Taking an unreasonable amount of time to review documents you submit
  • Claiming documents got lost
  • Requesting more time to review your claim without giving you a good reason
  • Asking for information that is not needed or that has already been provided
  • Disputing liability for the crash, even though the evidence seems clear
  • Disputing the severity of your injuries and/or asking you to go through an independent medical exam
  • Denying your claim without giving you a clear reason why

There are also delaying tactics the insurance company may employ if your lawyer files a lawsuit. For example, during the discovery process they may send you hundreds of thousands of documents. They know it will take your lawyer a significant amount of time to sort through these documents.

Insurance companies may file a variety of motions simply to delay the process. They may file a motion to dismiss, even if they do not think there is a good chance the motion will be granted. Unfortunately, your lawyer may need to redraft the complaint in response to this motion.

Insurance companies may file a motion for a change of forum or motions to exclude evidence. They may also file motions to impose restrictions on the case, hoping to delay the process.

Why These Delays Often Benefit Insurers

It can be easy to forget that insurance companies are businesses, which means they need to make money to continue operating. Insurance companies make money by taking in more in insurance premium payments than they pay out in claims.

Many people may not know insurance companies invest the money they receive to pay premiums. Insurance companies want to hold onto the money they invest for as long as they can, because that way it will earn more interest. In fact, a significant portion of insurance company profits come from interest on savings and returns on investments.

In short, the longer insurance companies can avoid paying a claim by delaying the legal process, the more money they could make.

Another reason insurance companies want to delay is that it may make the victim more likely to accept a lowball settlement offer. Injury victims are often out of work for a time, so they have less money coming in, which makes it harder to pay their bills. Delays can make victims anxious, and they may start thinking the insurance company’s first offer is all they are going to get.

Insurance companies are hoping to give the victim and his or her Maryland vehicle accident attorney less time to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations runs out. However, if you hire an experienced attorney, he or she should be prepared to file a lawsuit before time runs out, no matter how the insurance company tries to delay the legal process.

Insurers may want more time to try to find information to use against victims. For example, they may scour the internet and your social media profiles to find something they can use to attack your credibility. They may be holding out hope their investigation of the crash will yield information that casts doubt on liability or the severity of your injuries.

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