Tips on Preventing Car Crashes in Parking Lots

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Car Accidents Published on November 30, 2018 and updated on March 7, 2022.

rear quarter panel damageEven though more and more people do their holiday shopping online, there are still plenty of people who go out to do their shopping. This means there will be crowds in stores and a lot of traffic in the parking lots of these places. This puts you at greater risk of a parking lot accident. This is why you should review the tips below on lowering the chances of one of these crashes.

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Common Parking Lot Crashes

In a parking lot, a few different accident scenarios may arise:

  • Two drivers who back into each other while moving. This can occur when two vehicles are pulling out of parking spaces at the same time.
  • A vehicle is struck by a driver pulling out of a parking space. This type of accident is especially common when a smaller vehicle is parked between two larger ones, limiting the visibility of the driver who wants to back out.
  • Two cars crash when turning into the same spot. To enter a spot, one car turns left while the other turns right and both cars collide. Typically, the driver who turned left and crossed the stream of traffic is considered at fault.
  • A vehicle is rear-ended at a stop sign. Parking lots may have multiple stop signs throughout the lot as well as at exits onto streets.

Strategies for Avoiding Parking Lot Crashes

This holiday season, exercise extra caution in parking lots to avoid car accidents while shopping. Practice these safety strategies to help prevent parking lot crashes.

  1. Slow down – Treat parking lots like a school zone. Slow down and be extra cautious because there are many vehicles and pedestrians nearby.
  2. Adjust your mirrors properly – Setting your side mirrors out further can help broaden your range of visibility in a parking lot. Adding blind spot mirrors can also help you see vehicles and pedestrians in your blind spots, helping prevent accidents when you are backing up.
  3. Beware when backing up – When pulling out of a parking spot in reverse, use your head and turn to visualize the area behind you – do not rely on mirrors alone to show you if the area is clear.
  4. Utilize technology – Many vehicles today are equipped with technology to improve visibility and alert drivers of hazards. Backup cameras show you what is behind your vehicle – standalone devices can be added to vehicles not equipped with backup cameras. Cross traffic alert systems apply the vehicle’s brakes when sensors detect approaching vehicles.
  5. Park smart When parallel parking in a parking lot, use proper technique for safe parking. If your vehicle is equipped with parking assist technology, use it for automatic parallel parking.
  6. Be smart when picking parking spaces – Park away from other vehicles, helping prevent the possibility of accidents and door dings. Park in pull-through spots when possible, which saves you from having to back your vehicle out when you leave.
  7. Watch out for carts – Shopping carts can collide with your vehicle just as easily as another car in a crowded parking lot. Shopping carts are especially a danger on very windy days.
  8. Beware of parking lot markings – While some parking lots are equipped with traditional red, octagonal stop signs, some use markings painted on the road to indicate stops, stop lines, pedestrian crossings and more. Treat all parking lot markings just as you would street signs.

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