Where Should You Go For Medical Treatment After Getting Injured in a Car Crash?

Posted on behalf of Peter T. Nicholl in Car Accidents Published on November 30, 2022 and updated on December 4, 2022.

outside of hospitalEven if you do not feel much pain or have good reason to think you are seriously injured, you should get medical treatment after a car crash. You could be in shock and the adrenaline running through your body could be masking symptoms of an injury. If you wait to seek treatment, your injuries could get worse, and treatment could become more difficult.

While those who wait to seek treatment may decide to go to their regular doctor, this is often a bad idea. It is usually best to go to the emergency room because they will have everything that they need to make an accurate diagnosis.

Below, we discuss the importance of seeking medical treatment after a car crash and why it is usually best to go to the emergency room.

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Advantages of the Emergency Room

The emergency room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means you can go there for treatment for a car accident injury no matter when the injury occurs.

If specialists are needed to diagnose and treat your injuries, they can be brought in. Doctors will also have access to all the equipment they need to diagnose you, such as:

  • MRI machines
  • CT scanners
  • Radiology machines
  • And more

Doctors can use these machines right away. If you go to a doctor, even a specialist, you would probably need to schedule these kinds of tests.

Emergency rooms also have pharmacies, so you can get the medication you need to treat symptoms of an injury, such as pain.

Problems With Doctors’ Offices or Urgent Care Centers

In recent years, many people have started going to urgent care centers instead of emergency rooms. This makes sense in certain situations. For example, if you think you may have a severe cold or flu. Some urgent care centers have X-ray machines, so if your child broke his or her arm, doctors may be able to diagnose it.

However, these centers are not set up to treat serious injuries, such as those that may occur in a car crash. If you go to an urgent care center, there may be things they cannot do, and they will advise you to go to the emergency room.

Urgent care centers are not open 24 hours a day, so if you get into a crash at night, they may be closed and unable to help you.

There are 24-hour emergency care centers that are like urgent care centers, except they can treat more injuries. They often have pharmacies and have radiology services. Doctors at these facilities may also be on call. These centers may have much shorter wait times than hospitals.

Going to Your Regular Doctor

You may want to go to your regular doctor after receiving treatment at the emergency room. Your regular doctor can refer you to specialists and potentially handle refills of your medications.

However, doctors’ offices are not set up to treat serious injuries or help you immediately after a car accident. They often have more limited hours than urgent care centers and they cannot provide medications or do the kinds of tests that can be run at emergency rooms.

What About The Cost of These Different Options?

If you have a significant injury, it is likely going to be expensive to treat, no matter where you go for treatment. The important thing is to get the treatment you need. If your crash was caused by a negligent driver, an experienced lawyer may be able to obtain compensation for your damages, including medical expenses.

We understand you may be concerned about the upfront costs of treatment. However, there are options for delaying payment of your medical bills. You can discuss these options with an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to negotiate with the hospital on your behalf so they will hold off on trying to collect payment until after your legal claim concludes.

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